Bachelor topic: Development of a plantation system for the home environment

Urban Gardening is on trend. Depending on the user's preferences and available space, the types of plants and grow areas vary a lot, and so does the amount of care given to the plants.

Outdoor or indoor – Planteo is a modular planting system which adapts to various users, plants and spaces. Its modules can be arranged individually, according to the desired size, place and plant type – so the user decides what the system should look like.

The planteo app helps to choose the right sizes and substrates, depending on the users' planting preferences –ornamental or agricultural, with or without light. Seeds and supplies can also be ordered with the system. The intelligent light module helps to create the right light conditions for the plants growth and it can also run light programs to support faster growth.

Planteo is also equipped with an intelligent hydroculture-watering system: watertanks and a wick-watering-system in each pot, make it self-sufficient for up to three weeks. The wicks connect the plant substrate and the water tanks, through their capillarity they continuously moisturize the plants. Therefore neither holidays, nor a sheer lack of green thumb, can pose a threat to your plants anymore.